It is hard to write about the fall flowers when the sun is shining and the fans are working overtime.  But this is the time to think about the garden and what will look good when it is time for wearing sweaters.   I depend on perennials such as black-eyed susan, sedum or stonecrop, ferns, asters

Autumn’s Vegetable Garden

Even experienced gardeners will often ignore the fact that their gardening efforts can extend well into the fall season, while in certain sections of the world; gardening is virtually a year round endeavor. Extending the gardening season is becoming more critical to all of us because of the changing dynamics in the world’s food supply.

Gardening in Autumn

Autumn is not as showy as springtime and without the sizzle of summer; it’s a mellow time with flashes of vibrant color with a constant reminder of the renewal cycle in nature where leaves fall and replenish the earth from which they had first gained nourishment. With that said, what are your main autumn chores?